Real Trailers Pack for DLC Scandinavia v 1.0

Real Trailers Pack for DLC Scandinavia-1 Real Trailers Pack for DLC Scandinavia-2 Real Trailers Pack for DLC Scandinavia-3

RealTrailers by ALEX for ETS2 2.2 with RealTrailers Pack by ALEX for DLC Scandinavia 0.1

This is a new version of RealTrailers by ALEX for ETS2. Now the pack for DLC Scandinavia’s Trailers is having all trailers.

– Corrected Selgros Trailer and existent extension’s trailers.
– New Trailers at RealTrailers Pack by ALEX for DLC Scandinavia

Bcp = Dacia
Fcp = Ford
Tradeaux = Auchan
Stokes = Praktiker
Transinet = Dedeman
Euroacres = Transavia
Eurogoodies = Selgros
Posped = Kraft
Lkw = Metro
Nbfc = Gazprom
Wgcc = Petrom
Trameri = Vard
Itcc = Arcelor Mital
SanBuilders = Hornbach
Tree-ET = Holzindustrie Schweighofer
Kaarfor = Carrefour
SellPlan = Billa
Scout Cars = Skoda
(RealTrailers Pack by ALEX for DLC Scandinavia)
IKA Bohag = IKEA
Agronord = Interagro
Aria Food = Caroli/Caroli Foods
Polar Fish = Negro2000
Polaris Lines = Portul Constanta
Renar Logistic = Alfredo Foods
Sag and Tre = KronoSpan
Vitas Power = Enel
Konstnorr = BricoDepot
Drekkartrans = Damen Shipyards
Norfood = Kaufland
Bjork = Agricola
BHV = Penny Market
Nordic Crown = Heidi
NS Oil/Chem. = Rompetrol

If you have an older version of game, is recommended 1.5 version.
Works on v.1.18.x (may work with v.1.17.x).

Author: ALEX (me)


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