Real V8 Style for Scania S730

Real V8 Style for Scania S730 by HomerS.
This mod change the front mask and the side plastic into a darker one and add to the mask the black glossy stipes.

OveRTRucK, HomerS


10 thoughts on “Real V8 Style for Scania S730

  1. TeddyBear

    Need new link.

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/dl.cgi/nkpztszhuunbut3qer67g4nhdczuyjtsmrtflzivjm/ScaniaS730_V8Style_by_OveRTRucK.scs was not found on this server.

    1. OveRTRucK

      The link is working!

      1. Sorry but I couldn’t download it with that link, I got the message file doesn’t exist on this server

      2. TeddyBear

        No its not.
        I just tried and got the same message as in my first comment.

        1. 0veRTRucK

          Uploaded v2.0 😉

        2. I downloaded this morning, the links work perfectly,
          I just did a test and he continues to work.
          Maybe it is a problem of the region,
          It already happened that I could not download it (in Italy) and the link worked.

          1. Hello, Zoso! For me also works perfectly (Russia). I’m sure that’s region problem

          2. Ciao LoVVered, like I wrote above there are these types of problems
            Sharemods also depends on the server.
            I downloaded the V2.0 now also and everything worked.
            I think he gains no author puts links not to work (even thieves have interest in that work) haa haa
            Hail CiaoZ
            sorry for the incorrect English

  2. Link isn’t working! I got the same message with TeddyBear

  3. s.degreef

    is there any way for u guys to make the information display in the interior work. so that we can see milage. how many gas we have and stif like that.?

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