Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.5

Reale Company Scandinavien (1) Reale Company Scandinavien (2)

Finally managed to have found a suitable farm for agro_nord.
Please read to the end!

Agro_nord – Danish Agro.

The Trailerskin Arla I have to Foodcisterne further angepassst I have the cargo in logos

Resizing thus created to recognize them better. (‘m Also wearing glasses)

The flags of the Statoil gas station are not correct, but better than the red.

A Super Modder called Faelandaea has managed the lack of neon signs and new for the company.

Maxi and Statoil gas stations to create.

The Mod of Faelandaea you must then insert itself or Extra Load, here is the link:

How to add the mods together is described in the ZIP file.

Tested with DLC Scandinavia 1.17,1.18 and TSM 6.0 I can not say if they are running in the Promod.

PS: I add the 5 cargo Logos and my Trailerskin for Ikea specially added the her album afterwards

Author: Dombro

DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Uploadfiles]

3 Responses to Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.5

  1. Faelandaea says:

    Nice work!!! Some of us on the forums were just discussing what the farm should be. looks like you nailed it XD

    By the way, Dombro, you have my full permission to pack my signs in with yours if you want đŸ™‚

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

  2. Christer says:

    Ikea has a double signs on the wall in my game the created Ikea and the Standard Ika Bohag right over it.

    • dombro says:

      Hello Christer ,
      that’s neon signs at all , therefore additionally load the mods of Faelandaea and allabouttrucksim .
      lg Dombro

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