Realism V9

With Realism V9 you have:

1) Available on-line purchase without buying of truck.
2) Improvement of the sound of the rain and of the thunder (thanks to American-Express).
3) Fee of hiring: 1 083€.
4) Increase of the speed of all the AI vehicles.
5) Increase of the number of kilometers in the capacities of long distance.
6) Correction of data on certain engines (thanks to MichelP).
7) Starting up of the game at 6 am in the morning with 176 000€.
8) Decrease of the duration of the hurry up music to 10 minutes.
9) Decrease of the number of XP gained during a stroll (10 XP every 100 kilometers).
10) Decrease of the number of XP gained during a mission (10 XP every 100 kilometers).
11) Decrease of the number of XP gained when you drive on an undiscoevred road (20 XP every 100 kilometers).
12) Decrease of the number of XP won during a putting alongside the quay.
13) Decrease of the number of XP lost for late.
14) Decrease of the maximal loan.
15) Duration of authorized overdraft crossed in 30 days.
16) Much longer durations of refund.
17) Expenses of abandonment of a trailer reduced to 1 200€.
18) Expenses of the drivers are more realistic.
19) More realistic times of rises of sun and night.
20) Modification complete of system of points of experience.
21) Modification of a part of icons (thanks to James Le Bavard).
22) Modification of the sum of the loans.
23) Modification of the parameters of the camera.
24) Opacity of the night increased to 100%.
25) Loss of XP on a trailer decreased to 1 XP by % of damages and to 1 % by % of damages.
26) Loss of the money on a trailer decreased in 10€ by % of damages and in 1 % by % of damages.
27) Possibility of making loans without any mission made.
28) Prices of accessories decreased in 90% on average so they are more realistic (even those of ALL THE DLCs excluded Flags DLC which is realistic).
29) Price of the fines fixed according to the French regulations.
30) More realistic quick cargo prices.
31) More realistic cargo prices.
32) More realistic cargo prices in traction offer.
33) Price of the reduced garages of 90%.
34) Realistic price of the fuel in all the countries (17th June 2019).
35) Reduction of the consumption of the drivers in the kilometer, between 0,2 and 0,3 liters.
36) Reduction of the probability that a driver has no trailer to 0%.
37) Reduction of the maximal damages caused on a trailer by a driver to 1%.
38) Reduction of 20% of the price of the diesel oil in garages.
39) Reductions of the deadlines of delay (8 hours for the non-urgent deliveries, 4 hours for the normal and the 1 hour for the urgent against 2 days, 12 hours and 4 hours).
40) Occasions of trucks in 75% of their initial prices.
41) Interest rate of the loans reduced to 5%.
42) Exchange rate of the realistic currencies (18th June 2019).
43) Time of rest modified (11 hours of break every 9 hours of driving).
44) Reduction of the price of the refueling by the tow truck.

PS: This modification contains 3 931 files which were modified by myself!

Ficfic & thanks to Hugo Coytte, James LeBavard, MichelP, and American-Express


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7 thoughts on “Realism V9

  1. sorry where are the news?
    only the folders are dated 06/2019
    the files are from 2016
    some 2018
    I have Realism v8 and I find it identical 🙂

    bye Bye
    It’s a thought of mine. It’s not an accusation!
    counts up to 10 before answering …

    1. You have to see the file economy_data…
      I changed the prices of the trailers for us and for the drivers
      The price of refueling by tow truck
      Updates of fuel prices and exchange rates of currencies
      Fee of hiring: 1 083€
      Time of rest modified (11 hours of break every 9 hours of driving)

  2. since you know how to make the changes 🙂
    usually a Bilico takes from
    € 1.20 to € 1.40 per km
    depends on whether it is a classic transport, refrigerated, flowers, dry goods etc etc etc
    you can put x all transports from
    € 1.20 at € 1.50 Max? per km …
    no need to take € 12 per km is too fake ….
    thank you

    1. Therefore, you’re thinking that my prices aren’t enough big?

      1. excellent mod, thanks
        the prices are too big.
        lower the price per km
        11 € 1 km NO
        1.20 / 1.40 € 1 km YES

        1. Thank you, but how do you have 11€/km??
          Is it a special trailer? Because I don’t have it

  3. Speed is NOT increased, this is bullshit, Cars going on autobahn at 120kmh

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