Realistic 88 km/h Speed Limiter

This is a very simple mod for people who like realism. It limits the truck speed to 88km/h, which is more realistic than the original 90km/h.



10 thoughts on “Realistic 88 km/h Speed Limiter

  1. ikeafurnitures

    i’m not even going to question this xd

    1. AlphaProject

      It’s quite random i know, but most trucks on the road are limited somewhere between 85-89km/h, so why not 😀

      1. Nope, theyre usually limited to 90, nothing below. Only some special editions like the MAN Efficient Line or however its called have a limiter at 85. But mostly, even on those models the owners program the truck to run 90.

        1. RoadRunner

          got to admit i have had a few lorries over the last 10 years of being a HGV driver in the UK and i have had limiters set from anything between 52 mph or 83 kph (volvo fm) and 56 mph or 90 kph (daf 75cf)

          1. AlphaProject

            Yeah, it’s just a law to have it at a maximum of 90, in reality, it varies quite a bit. Probably the new trucks come out of the factory with 89-90 limiter, but older trucks are usually below 90.

          2. Hey Mate
            I am Trucker and new Trucks mostly 88 Km/h and the old are between 88-95 Km/h because the tire condition when you do the tachometer test

        2. European_driver

          Mostly trucks in Europe are limited to 85 km/h due to fuel economy, only some trucks are limited to 90km/h.

  2. w906fahrer

    the 90 limit have the older trucks like euro4 ones but the new trucks have below 90, when you’re ordering a truck at the dealer you tell them at what speed you want the limiter

  3. Daf XF 116 (E6) Speed is 88km/h!

  4. Scaniaman2006 R620

    the lowest speed limiter at my dads works is 54mph…the highest is 57mph…used to be 58 but errr the ecu broke. so now that 1 is 55. but 88kph is great!

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