Realistic 96 km/h speed limiter [ALL TRUCKS]


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Tested on 1.21.4 , for all trucks, just enable “truck speed limiter” in “gameplay” settings. Realistic 96 km/h limiter for all trucks. Have fun!

KiLLer Modding


17 thoughts on “Realistic 96 km/h speed limiter [ALL TRUCKS]

  1. KiLLer Modding

    Video is here: 🙂

    1. torhelge668

      When I use this mod I can’t see the complete map on TSM and rusmap.

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Realistic 96km/h??? :O
    Realistic is 85 – 90 km/h

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Why this insult? I see you’re not ready for a serious discussion.
      Which country?
      This list says something else about speeds in Europa

      1. Roadrunner

        if its any help Mr.GermanTruck here in the UK the truck speedlimiter vary from truck make to truck make ranging from Iveco that is set at 53MPH/85KMH to DAF that is set at 56MPH/90KMH wouldent like to say what its like in the rest of European country’s but thats what it is in the uk hope its some help 😉

    2. What’s the point with this language? You are just making your self look ######. You know, when the arguments are out, go for the insults.

      1. I don’t believe iveco do 53mph, I old magnum was set at 53mph and the first generation of iveco stralis were set high enough to attract more customers as the older iveco truck weren’t all that popular as the tractor unit due to lack of luxury features. my work has a fleet of MAN. 11 TGX model and one remaining TGA. all except one of the TGX have had there limiter calibrated so they do 57-58mph. not much difference but it does make a difference too drive time.

    3. no the european law says that all trucks will be clamped to 90 kmh So no there is no “in other countries is nia nia nia” no it’s 90 for all trucks in the European countries

  3. thx m8 (for the mod)

    1. kiLLer Modding

      you’re welcome, but not too many people appreciate such mods, that do some realism instead of 9999999999999999999 km/h speed limiter.

  4. on the other hand, thanks for sharing your mod killer

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Administrator, such people should be the same distance. Such people we do not need. disrespectful

  6. What a killer mod

  7. TheCrimsonFuckr

    Why so defensive? Is it because your mommy didn’t love you enough? Why don’t you go back to playing with Tonka trucks little kid?

  8. oxatomide

    The only European country where lorry speed of 96kmh is permitted is the United Kingdom, and it hasn’t been long since it’s been approved. Nevertheless all truck manufacturers limit the speed to 90kmh. When you see trucks overtaking on a highway it’s due to a difference of 2-3kmh max, it wouldn’t be long before the police took you over speeding 96kmh. So thank you for the mod, but no thank you.

  9. Scaniaman2006 R620

    ive lost faith in people. LISTEN PEOPLE. 96kph is realistic. no truck has the same limiter. some are under 90kph some are over 90kph. 1 truck at my dads works does 54mph while another does 57mph. before anyone says im wrong IM NOT. ask any truck driver and he’ll tell you exactly the same…and my dads a driver so no argument end of

  10. czy ten mod działa na ets2 1.43 wersja gry?

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