Realistic and Hard Economy v1.0.0

+ The general economy was revised.
+ As the driver level increases, the earning amounts and rates have been revised according to the skill unlocked.
+ The income/expense and economic systems of the drivers hired by the company have been revised.
+ The banking system has been completely revised and new options have been added.
+ Police penalties were revised according to the new economic system.
+ Fuel prices have been revised to be realistic and suitable for economy mode.
+ All ferry fares have been adjusted
+ All train and ferry prices have been revised

For full and complete descriptions, read the ENGLISH DESCRIPTION.txt file The unit value in the description file is € (euro)

+No changes have been made to XP Earnings
+Tested in Version 1.49x
+Compatible with all map DLCs (not tested with map modes)
+Give feedback for the development of the mod
+Do not reinstall! Use original download link



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