Realistic Chrome for all Trucks v 1.1 Fix (patch 1.22.x.x)

Realistic-Chrome-2 Realistic-Chrome-1

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– This little mod lets chromeparts look like realistic Chrome.
– It works for all Standard trucks
– Chrome parts: frontgrill, exhoust,, roofgrill, botomgrill and tank

– Please note: the Chrome wheels shown in the Video are not my work, it’s the great work of SCS, oq37, Ventyres. I put it, becouse they look much better than the Standard wheels.

Installing mod:
– Download file (chrome.scs)
– Extract it
– Put it into C:documentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
– Enjoy


Author: KRINI


5 thoughts on “Realistic Chrome for all Trucks v 1.1 Fix (patch 1.22.x.x)

  1. this mod is compatible with scania rjl??

  2. Niskadu76

    Thank you 🙂

  3. New Download Link

  4. Hello Krini,

    I use this very nice mod since v1.1. TYVM

    since v1.24 exists a conflict with Scanias by RJL where ‘panels paint’ item (to make paintable the black portion on lateral of side cabin) do not show the same color of truck. show like a shadow

    please, fix it.

    There are no any message in game.log.txt

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