Realistic driving and physics for all trucks v2.0

Realistic driving and physics for all trucks v2.0:
– fix driving in curves
– fix air presure brake
– new movement

– realistic brake
– realistic acceleration
– realistic movement in curves
– realistic physics

It’s perfect to play with HardCore mode ( if you want , not necessary)
PS : I am a truck driver and I know who a truck driving and who it move.
Don’t reupload and don’t change donwload link and author !



6 thoughts on “Realistic driving and physics for all trucks v2.0

  1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Video Test^^^

  3. Max Romeo

    The mod is good overall but it just needs minor changes in the braking aspect. I feel that the braking power is way too low. I am a real truck driver and in reality the braking is not like the way it is in the mod. The accelaration aspect, in flat surfaces trucks do not hold a certain speed when throttle is released but they tend to decelarate, kindly adjust it on your mod in the next realease. The in cab movements are realistically mimicked. If possible, you can use the values for accelaration and braking for the Heavy Realistic Physics by Big Russian Bear or AlexyP.

    1. Bjørn Kollerud

      I fully agree. With the improvements mentioned this wil became an exelent mod 🙂

  4. If my brakes in my real truck were as bad as this i would refuse to drive it

  5. Someone can tell me what settings are suitable for this physics mode?

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