Realistic Economy [1.30-1.31]

Today I will releasel my Realistic Economy
* increase Park XP Bonus.
* buying/upgrading garages is cheaper.
* fuel discount 80% in garage
* Truck refund value set to 80%
* you can buy online if you have at least 1 truck.
* abandoned job fine is now 1 €.
* drivers give much money.
* I test only on v1.31 ! (Error on older version can happen)



4 thoughts on “Realistic Economy [1.30-1.31]

  1. DUDES, are YOU correctly understand the word “REALISTIC” ?!

    One thinks that makes the “Realistic” lighting, others this “Realistic” #### !!!

  2. HI, I just wanna tell you that fuel goes down too fast. 🙂

  3. Ask the Author of the Original, not this “Person”

  4. Yea “realistic” and my tachograph show next time for break 107hrs+….

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