Realistic Fuel Stations 1.34

This mod replaces all big fuel stations to realistic fuel stations like:
– Total
– Elf
– Shell
– Esso
– Statoil.

test: 1.34



5 thoughts on “Realistic Fuel Stations 1.34

  1. work+is+with+promods+an+map+mods

  2. works with promods?

    1. I will try it later and answer that. 😉

      1. OK, I ve installed, and I was at 3 Stations in Netherlands.
        There are actual Elf, Total and Shell.
        1.34+PM 2.33

        All Files are from 2.1.2018, no Manifest, no Mod Picture, no Description.
        But it seems to work.

  3. This also works with TCM. But I did not see in Latvia. Maybe I just have not noticed.

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