Realistic Graphic and Weather Mod

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Hello Guys Realistic Graphic and Weather Mod
●More vibrant graphics
●new textures at gas stations
●new textures in hotels
●Realistic road textures
●new road and vegetation textures
●new textures in the stores
●the weather without boom.
●Change of the Daytime/nighttime to the realtime …
⚠I have tried this version only on version 1.30 and1.31 I do not take responsibility for working in the rest⚠
❣Thank you for using ❣



7 thoughts on “Realistic Graphic and Weather Mod

  1. hansetrans


  2. yes it’s a Realistic Graphic and Weather Mod

  3. not fake

  4. Mr.Perfect

    Do not download!

  5. Bust with brightness. Turned off

  6. This Mod I had a long time before from the Author of the Original,
    not from Rita aka Frederique410 and other Names.

    gufozot = rita = is frederique410
    He likes to answer to his stolen Mods, to give the Impression, that
    he is the Author. 🙁

    The Images also stolen, as you look to the Cabin, he did´nt leave the Authors Name, also nothing in the Credits.

    This is one of the Guys, because real Modders stop their work.

  7. cinematic music show video:

    Have fun and thanks for this mod!

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