Realistic Light

realistic-light-1 realistic-light-2

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Worket all version
Tested 1.25x
Good day 🙂

Author: EdmD


9 thoughts on “Realistic Light

  1. Verry good mod,but would you do something on the headlight’s?
    If there are on iys just like driving with your headlight’s on and it isnt.
    Thank’s already. If that is sortet out,great mod then!!!

  2. Very Nice
    Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. hi
    it is a nice mode i like at lot but i have a small problem whit the front .. i have seen the vidio on you tupe and i can se you do not have the problem so i hope you can help finding the solution on this becures i like the mode a lot . i am not so good to English and i can not upload pickturs here so i have the pickturs in a dropbox
    i do hope fore som help from becurs it is a good mode
    and i hope you/somone will help and take the time
    thangs in atwans

    this is when the engin is shut off :

    this is when i start the engin :

    this is high beem:

    this is from the side :

    1. Ставь мод с высоким приоритетом,по отношению к другим модам на светотехнику(Где есть папка flare)

      1. onekil007

        my russian is not so strong he he i have youst googel translater

        it have the higest proitet in the game it dos not seem to work …. i realy like the mode so i hope you stil will tray and help … thangs fore the eforte

      2. onekil007

        i forgot to tell you that all the AI car and trucks have the same problem when you meet them

  4. Мод прекрасно работает с модом на отключение света трафика днем:
    Мод должен иметь самый высокий приоритет!!!!

    1. Извиняюсь вот исправленная ссылка:

  5. NICE!!!!





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