Realistic lighting, sky-boxes and weather


This mod change HDR and Bloom effects, clouds and the moon, sky colors, makes the bad weather even worse, and even changes the color of the street lamps.



3 thoughts on “Realistic lighting, sky-boxes and weather

  1. Leonardo Almeida

    the download is too slow, has uploaded to link somewhere else?

  2. Isn’t it the very same mod of “Realistic Lighting” of Atak_Snijpera? Screens sure is…

  3. This is just a shameless reup of Realistic Lighting v2.2:

    File size is the same, and you somehow mistook R8G8B8 (signifying uncompressed textures) for an author name and slapped it on there, yet at the same time failed to credit the actual author Atak_Snajpera.

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