Realistic Lighting v 2.0

Realistic-Lighting-v-2.0-1 Realistic-Lighting-v-2.0-2

Realistic Lighting – Improved skyboxes and weather for ETS2 1.14 game version
Do not mix this mod with other environmemtal mods like RED Expert, true Lights AI cars, Improved Weather

Author: Atak_Snajpera

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11 Responses to Realistic Lighting v 2.0

  1. Harr says:

    I woonder if it works with some maps

  2. scaniar440 says:

    make a cargo mod pls, all my trailers are deleted
    even standalone

  3. da says:

    Nights are good but daytime is so dull…it seems you reduced every light effect like hdr bloom etc.. is it possible to release the nights only?

    • Ojciec says:

      domy Chance hdr level. its ok now oraz shchould be higher. without hdr this game looks too painty.
      when you dont like hdr , you can turn it off in game option.

  4. Dennis says:

    Make the real logo for the Volvo XC60 Traffic please

  5. Human says:

    no file and cant download fix this problem

  6. sdfsdfs says:

    Video PLS.

  7. Tam O Shanter says:

    There is a fault in model/skybox/textures/ and N9

  8. Demon says:

    С True Ai Lights не работает.

  9. Welington says:

    Esse mod ficou perfeito o ceu ficou otimo o grafico ficou lindo achei melhor que o Improved Weather Reload

  10. Ramin says:

    This mod makes ETS 2 look marvelous!

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