Realistic Lighting v2.3 – Improved skyboxes and weather


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Version 2.3

-fixed error in log
-reduced bloom brightness from 1.0 to 0.5
-normalized reflections on cars and trucks
-tweaked reflection strength on buildings (windows)
-adjusted diffuse and ambient colors during dawn and dusk
-reduced overall exposure from 1.25 to neutral 1.0


DOWNLOAD 94 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 94 MB [mediafire]

14 thoughts on “Realistic Lighting v2.3 – Improved skyboxes and weather

  1. In my opinion, the most realistic, pleasant graphical enhancing mod out there…at moments it is scary realistic.

    Good stuff.

    1. HD version coming too?
      I use the 2.1 HD version at the moment…which is way bigger in filesize.

  2. Мод супер – Автору +

  3. Works with brutal?

  4. One question, does it work with other weather mods? I think mine changes the rain drops on the windows and the thunder sound if i’m not mistaken…

  5. One question, does it change any sounds ?

    Thank you

  6. MrNovosel0405

    Can this be used in multiplayer?

  7. Excelent, the most realistic and awesome graphic mod Thanks

  8. Less hdr intensity/bright inside and outside the cabin.
    Long and short lights range reduced.
    Driving at night is very realistic.
    If you are looking for realism, this mod is a must have.
    Look my video, the pink surise is awesome.
    Nice work really, thanks!

  9. Murdiyanto

    yeaahh… this is it.. i like it.. this mod is realy good.. real recomended.. thanks..

  10. Is there FPS drop when using this mod? because I got only 30 fps right now on all set to medium.

  11. Really nice but AI cars flares are almost invisible at night (as vanilla). I tried Realistic Flares by SiSL but they don’t seem to work (they do with Brutal HD).

  12. First of all, what a nice mod! The light and shadow are marvelous!

    But there is one problem, is that so, that as what I understand, we may only be able to see the clouds at night that clear only if we’re in the city because the light pollution is severe?

  13. Now I know what’s happening, the sky just didn’t become dark as fast as I have expected. What time does the nightfall come now?

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