Realistic lightning – Improved skyboxes and weather


Another update for REALITSTIC LIGHTING – Improved skyboxes and weather

– Sky has now realistic color and gradient (dawn/midday/sunset/night)
– HDR and Bloom tweaked to more realistic values
– a lot more different cloud variants at all times
– Realistic full moon
– 3 different types of bad weather

1) Thick clouds but no rain and no thunders
2) Same as above plus medium rain and without thunders
3) Storm with heavy rain and thunders

– added lamp mask to street lamps and directional glow
– street lamps now generate more common orange/yellow color instead of
pure white. Led lamps emit cold white.

Tweaked water particles to look more convincing (works only for trucks
with trailers!)


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6 thoughts on “Realistic lightning – Improved skyboxes and weather

  1. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    …THANK YOU….

  2. Odlično…dobar posao…tnx

  3. good job !! thanks !!

  4. great mod, thank you!

  5. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    can i tell you some? …the night need to be a little brighter! ….the cluds at night needs to shine at the light of the moon! ……hope you will make the night more beautiful! …..
    …thank you!!!!

  6. Looks good, keep on working on this.

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