Realistic Physics ( KEYBOARD OPTIMISED )

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Optimised for best keyboard expirience; including realistic truck and cabin movement, brakes and acceleration ,fuel usage and interior camera physics. Please feel free to comment on mod after testing it, and let me what to improve in next version. Tested on ETS2 1.30 version, but it should work on 1.27+ versions.

Installation : just put .rar file in mods and activate it with HIGH priority in mod manager. Inside mod ( open with winRar), you will find 3 photos for BEST gameplay settings.



12 thoughts on “Realistic Physics ( KEYBOARD OPTIMISED )

  1. It is for all trucks? …Rjl…? Scania New Gen ?

    1. Yes, it work on all trucks, scs and all modded. ( It does not have individual settings for each truck, it’s universal.)

  2. Thank you, make a version without physics, or tell me how to leave control and return the standard physics

    1. I didn’t quiet understand you, but if you want to keep movement of camera in cabin delete physics.sii from Realistic PHYSICS.scs\def\vehicle. ( this will return standard steering, but will keep movement on bumps for example, if this is what you asked.)

  3. did not like it, after 110-120 the truck just gets out of control.bad brakes,in the rest of the not what difference with default there is no

    1. Well it is called REALISTIC. This is simulator and in real world truck are limited to 82/89/90 kmph, so go play need for speed if you want racing. This is made for people who want to simulate real life at maximum, and enjoy the game.

      1. *BTW* i usually play with 90 KPH limit, as in real life, but i unchecked it and drove 113 KPH with 26 Tons trailer, and it could steer- slower but was able to control the truck. And i have to add that anything over 100 KPH ( or even over 85 KPH+ is unrealistic). Just try to imagine seeing trucks with 20 T + trailer speeding at 120 KPH and having a great handling.. It’s not super-car racer game, its Truck Simulator game. Anyway thanks for your feedback but i think you are not going to find what are you looking for in my physics. Have a nice day !

  4. I+understand+everything,but+this+is+a+game,and+the+realism+of+this+game+is+very+far

    1. Thanks for feedback. I have made someting that could you could use. I moved the “upper speed limit” from 100 to 130+ , so if you want try it, and tell me if it is better ?

      Download for handling at greater speeds 130 KPH + :

      1. thank you very much, I’ll try.Just because I still liked Your mod, I had to make a mod that limits the speed to no more than 120 km\h)))

        1. I tried,but at the speed behaves more confident.
          Although when gaining more 210-250 and try to fly in the cabin a bit shaken)))))-Kidding, all right, thanks again.

          1. hahha, glad you liked it. Enjoy friend 🙂 !

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