Realistic Physics Mod 1.22 v 1.0


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Hi friends, I thank you use this mode with realistic vehicle physics mode must be realistic if I mistake while sharing in real life physics adds Indicate the comment is entirely mine other sites link to original

Author: BordoBereLi


7 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod 1.22 v 1.0

  1. Old mod

  2. Bulldog2008

    20 years old :O:O

  3. wishiwasdeaf

    music alone is enough to put people of getting this mod

  4. Rolling Dave

    I love this MOD – Its the closest thing to real life that I have seen. PLEASE do one for the Scania T.

    Ignore the other comments. I drive these things for a living and you are dead on with the bounce factor – Well done

  5. WobblyCaptain

    I am testing this and the roll / bounce of the cab even when you pull of is pretty good , I know in the real world it varies from truck to truck so far I quite like this and as the previous comment I have driven real trucks however from my own personal exerpience it dose varie from truck to truck some sit on the road more firmer and others roll / bounce more.
    Well done 🙂

  6. russiatruck

    ####,no realistic

    1. ….then show your so-called-realistic mod…where is it?

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