Realistic Physics Mod for all Trucks

Physics by Jackpot
This mod make driving very enjoyable and real
Tested on 1.30 game version.
Feel the difference.
Put it in a Mod folder, plug in Manager mods
– Keep the original links! Respect author’s work!
– Compatible with current ETS2 trucks and all version
– all truck cabins
– PS Play with comfort !
PLEASE : Don’t use this mod to drive with 160km/h
Good Driving ?



6 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod for all Trucks

  1. rht austria

    nowadays its difficult to find something realistic…well lets try it out

    1. rht austria

      Gscheitwaschl 😉

  2. Nice like pro

  3. Why not make an video we see so many Realistic Physics Mods , its is nice to see what the mod do

    1. Because it´s not from him !!!
      Jackpot = Frederic410 = gufozot and others :;-(
      A Blame for the Community.
      And more and more Modders stop their very good Work because
      too much Peoples like him here steal and upload on other Sites also.
      Reason: To make Money with some clicks. 🙁

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