Realistic Physics Mod v 6.0


Changelog v 6.0
– Reduced default brake torque
– Safety Truck Brake Settings Entered.
– Cabin shake problem have been fixed.
– Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks.
– Cabin’s inside shake has been set more realistic.
– You can set your gear power whatever you want for 1.3.1.
– Driving is more realistic now in rainy and sunny weather.
– Included a huge plethora of new transmission options all based on real data including 12, 14 and 16-speed Automatic and Manual transmissions.
– Also you can use default gearbox of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Author: KacaK



18 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod v 6.0

  1. IndonesianTrucker

    I use this Mod from v1. And this mod still great,,
    Nice mod…

  2. roadrunner

    mod gets better and better all the time but there is still to much movment on the cab when going over bumps i mean if my real lorry moved like that when on bumpy roads or on work sites then all my kid would fly off the bed and out the windscreen lol

  3. can make this mod to chassis 6×2 or 8×4 pliiiss

    1. ### are you talking about? that already exists in the game!

  4. The truck (with trailer) is now not as tipsy as the previous version. That’s reassuring. Thanks!

  5. Realistic… are you serious ?

  6. 1st sounds good

  7. love this mod in all ways, just that the cab moves too much it should be less!

    many thanks & greets,


  8. about the transmission, i need to buy it in a garage to get the other transmission like the 14 and 16?

  9. Very good update, I like it, was not easy at the beginning with the new brakes (had a few craches:)) but after a while was ok, we need to be more carefull now with distance, to me looks more real.

    Are the transmissions included in the mod, I ask because I just can see the 2 GRSO925 12+2 (Speed and Speed R), there is no 16, I was hoping to try a new one because I play with keyborad and automatic and cant find a proper transmission to play right and I try them all I find … with no one I can drive in highway at 90km/h or normal road 70 km/h with the cruise control, they shift gear under 1150rpm unless I drive 72 or 92 and have problens when reduce speed to 68 or 62 they keep shifting between 11 and 12 gear till I reduce speed to 58/59, its a bit annoying.

    Again, thx for the update, good job m8


  10. Cabin shake is still too much. Seriusly, it needs to be stiffer so it dosent just swing around in normal driving.

    1. Yes you are right its to much and the brakes sometimes ive the impression that the truck dont brake specialy in lower speed (40/50km/h).

  11. How does the Safety Truck Brake ?

  12. How does work the Safety Truck Brake ?

  13. realistic? cabin makes is made of jello , come on

  14. TruckerSytse

    Just a perfect mod, works also on 1.6.1 good, new transmission, just drive fast with the 180 km/h, works guaranteed! Great mod, my compliments!

  15. where is this place? and why it does not work for ?

    1. Where is this place where the test truck

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