Realistic Physics Mod v 9.0 Official Version


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Changelog v 9.0:
– Updated for 1.9.0 +
– Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks
– Cabin’s inside shake has been set more realistic
– Driving is more realistic now in rainy and sunny weather
– This mod just changes the suspension settings
– You can enable/disable speed limit in game settings manually

Tested Version 1.9.0 +

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Author: KacaK


50 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod v 9.0 Official Version

  1. This mod is not real physics…

    1. I drive articulated trucks in real life and i can’t see much wrong with this – yes it’s not perfect but it’s not worthy of all the negative BS it’s getting
      so Vahid.AMG build what you think is a “perfect” physics engine just like real life and see how wrong you get it – and by the way don’t hack someone else’s work – we will all know

  2. laurentiu824

    maybe you can do a better one,wich would be like in real,a lot of moders try it to make it good,and we all saw it can’t be fix it,but it can be helped to be better,SO PLEASE GUYS STOP COMMENT WITH : THIS MOD IS NOT REAL,if you can do it real,then just do it

    1. You’re right man. πŸ™‚

      1. laurentiu824

        i know i have right,i try it too,to make it real and i clould’nt,no one can,because of the patch,and people think its easy to make a physics,yea it’s easy to change numbers,but you will spend alot of time just to change numbers,SO IT’S NOT EASY AND RESPECT FOR THIS (Vahid.AMG)

    2. Remingtonh

      this mod is not real.

    3. I swear every time I check out a physics mod there’s always someone who wants to say how #### the mod is. Seriously respect the work these modders do if you can do better show us but I bet you cant so haters need to shut up.

  3. Vahid.AMG do better if you can, I had KacaK hes earlier version of this mod and it was great, and worked well

  4. Perfect, got it of your facebook, love it (just like in 1.8)

  5. What is the point to keep pointing out the “REAL” in the title. I have driven 1.5 million kilometers, accident free on long haul in the real world. If you are expecting real, do it for REAL. The sim has limitations, this mod is very well done and is limited by the sim, not by the modder. Please feel free to do better. ALL mods are done freely,so either use them or do not. Only you have the choice.

    1. Now ya’ll hold on to yer titties .. and take point from this man here with the only down right to earth comment regarding this ,so far at least. Cheers for that bud,safe drives.

    2. Remingtonh

      We like to read peoples comments on Mods prior to downloading and installing. Unfortunately, sometimes those comments are not positive.

  6. OK.I build one physics mod that you surprise.
    just wait…

    1. Vahid.AMG good luck on that, Like Marvic said, Simulator has its limitations so there for nopody cant do REAL physics, It only can be maded as near it is possible

  7. Hello , So guys how better is this one from other one,s on this site ? its ok to use or still wait ?
    Thanks, Mark

  8. Just Wait…

  9. The new 1.9.xx physics from SCS have made the chassis too rigid and compensated for it with increased cab movement.
    It might not have been absolutely realistic before, but it was way more convincing than it is now.
    The files have been changed in a way that makes it pretty much impossible for any modder to make any worthwhile change to the physics, so anyone trying is fighting a losing battle until SCS fix it.
    The new AI is a very welcome improvement, but the physics changes are baffling.

  10. volvo4life

    If you think that this physics mod is not real then blame SCS Software who decided to screw up the physics,especially the trailer physics.The game feels arcade now. Don’t blame mod authors.And like other people said if you don’t like it then make your own.

    1. laurentiu824

      guys let Vahid.AMG to show us what a real physics can do,i started with this,and i told him if he can do a real physics then just do it,but for your time Vahid.AMG i can tell just 1 think,you can’t do it but good luck with it,we try it more than 10 person to do something much closer to what was in 1.8.x,but it can’t be gone that far,because of chassis wich is to rigid

      1. volvo4life

        do you use 1.9 or 1.8? I was using 1.9 but I didnt like the physics so I switched back to

        1. laurentiu824

          volvo4life mine is

        2. Same here I have switched back to v1.8.25 due to annoying physics with patch 1.9.22

      2. Unfortunatelly, in the most current version of the game ( 1.9.22) nothing more can be done.
        I have undrestood that I was loosing my time trying to do someting. Playing with the bouncing cab itself still remains to be not enough for me.
        Chassis is still to stiff. Trailer can be driven very easy and predictable.
        Why most people still think that the cab that is bouncing in every direction on each bumb is realistic?
        The new settings of the physics have been deprived of many parameters. The only thing that remains to be done is waiting for new updates. Or there will be clever guy who will have the idea what to change and where. The most easiest solution is to return to version 1.8.5.
        Currently file physics. sii is a ####. Behaviour of the truck and trailer is described “somewhere else”, and this place is known only by the SCS. In my opionon, the game publisher has blown his chance.
        Taking into acount that we do not have enough information, it is a wase of our time and efforts to improve it.

        1. laurentiu824

          Martinez,that’s what i try it to tell to Vahid.AMG,it can’t be gone so far like in the patch 1.8.x,only think can be help it to be better, is the cabin,nothing else

      3. NON_Steam_PLAYER

        THIS is the perfect PHYSICS!!

        this mod of yours is a bad

  11. laurentiu824

    and to comment about this physics all i can say GOOD JOB KacaK i really like

  12. So glad he Release an updated version! Game isn’t the same with out it!

  13. I agree with that at SCS screw up physics, Was better in V1.8.25, And for Kacak: I am sure you done good job, Thank you:)

    And guys, Dont worry about #### physics now, We are so lucky at we have Vahid.AMG who will make realistic physics, Like in real trucks in real life xD …….. Yeah right ……

    1. laurentiu824

      it’s his choice,if he want to spend(waste)his time or not,and if he understood me wrong then im sorry, because all I can say: if kacak could’nt do more than that, then I don’t think it can be, because to not forget that,we all used in 1.8.x patch the mod made by kacak wich was very close to a real physiscs

  14. RayFiftyOne

    I just tried this mod and the New Suspension Setting + Physics V2.12 FINAL mod. They do the same thing to the truck.Its the latest patch that ruins it for us.

  15. cmon Vahid.AMG! we all are waiting for you to blow our minds XD

  16. Kill4MeHILL

    KacaK is the man, if he can’t fix it, no one can.
    This is a pretty good “band-aid” for SCS’s big ### boo boo. But if KacaK can’t fix it, then SCS must have REALLY SCREWED UP!

    1. so right

    2. Agreed!

    3. NON_Steam_PLAYER

      THIS is the perfect PHYSICS for 1.9!!

  17. Dear Users!

    Please show respect for any of these amazing people who spend their time to create any of mods. Including (Paint Jobs,Trailer skins, trucks,maps and other interesting things to improve ETS2.
    Without them there will be no ETS2.LT

    Thank You for doing this amazing job.

    1. Fantastic comment! +1 from me on that one πŸ™‚

  18. I drive articulated trucks in real life and i can’t see much wrong with this – yes it’s not perfect but it’s not worthy of all the negative BS it’s getting
    so Vahid.AMG build what you think is a “perfect” physics engine just like real life and see how wrong you get it – and by the way don’t hack someone else’s work – we will all know

  19. Thank you guys for all nice comments for my mod. I’m trying to make nice mods for you guys. About the haters, make it better and show us. Haters gonna hate.
    Regards, KacaKTV aka KacaK

    1. Untill SCS will fix their issue,it stands as the most reliable pshysics mod so far,as always keep up the good work .. and ..personaly im looking forward to a new HD Graphics release.Cheers

      1. I dont know yet when i release it. But I want you to know, new physics system is just ####. The old is better in my opinion.

        1. laurentiu824

          i know that KacaKTV,i try it too,to make one and nothing change it,just the cab and i just waste my time for nothing

  20. i think v5.0 is bug free but i wouldnt say i dont like how v8.0/v4.0 makes the cab shake awesome. thanks KacaKTV

  21. Thank you VERY MUCH Kacak πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Finally your great mod is in here πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Just installed it,and it works great!!! Thank you so much again πŸ˜€

  22. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    THIS is the perfect PHYSICS for 1.9!!

    1. For you it may be, for the most of us, it’s this one.


    2. Just acored to me for your title “more realistic…..”,take it to a diferent level;)
      Anyway i tryed the one “NON_Steam_PLAYER” says…no, shakes a lot in the end…too loose…
      in your shoes,i try to make it softer, but with less working range….and slow down the most possible the “rebound”
      just trying to mke more constructive comments;)
      i have your`s installed waiting for your updates…cheers!

  23. Best Physics mod KacaK congrulations

  24. I can not say that i wasn`t a bit disapointed…im new…don`t know any previouse….
    but for title\real physics\…when is just a shaking cabin…that in my opinion, in real life doesen`t shake that much…
    I know that physics and mass and weigth distribucion is no easy task, but kacak if the game is on limitation…well we have to accept that…but don`t start to invent…for me you just need to make it a bit stiffer(cause it looks like it has no airbumper on cabin working)…and perhaps change title to \shaking cabin\ or \softer suspension setup\….i don`t know …i #### on titles πŸ™‚ but anything more apropriate…so people don`t coplain!
    thank you very much for your work

    1. i don`t if this game you can change grip on wheels…i haven`t open it yet….so i don`t know it, but some you can…would be cool to change that a bit…and during rain…to have some diferent behavior

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