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Realistic Physics Mod v1.7 Update for ETS2 v1.3


*This version will only work with version v1.3.0 of the game.

*Please place either version (with/without speed limiter) this mod in /Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod and remove all previous versions of this mod.
Changelog (v1.7)
-Unified mod for all chassis types (4×2/6×2/6×4/8×4/8×6)
-Reduced default brake torque to take into account of retarder and motor brake (please set brake intensity slider to a tad on the right from the center)
-Increased chassis spring damping
-Reduced retarder viscosity
-Included a huge plethora of new transmission options all based on real data including 12, 14 and 16-speed Automatic and Manual transmissions
-Optional retarder available for purchase for all gearboxes

Author: Oscar Lee (nfshp253)

DOWNLOAD With limiter 66 KB
DOWNLOAD Withour limiter 66 KB


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36 Responses to Realistic Physics Mod v1.7 Update for ETS2 v1.3

  1. Stanko says:

    Please, re-upload while thise to downoload doesnt work 🙁

  2. KOSTAS says:

    GREAT MAP!!!


    • Solution! says:

      If you can’t wait for the author to reupload try to right click on the page which shoves up(the one with many strange letters and symbols) press view source.
      A window will pop up. In that window clock on file(upper right corner) and than save page as.
      You will see windows save box. Just type any name you want, save as all files and add .scs at the end. When you have saved that file, you can use it as if you had downloaded it

    • Todd McCuistion says:

      If are using Firefox and think the links are broken, install IE Tab and try again.

  3. Stanko says:

    here is direct link to download…original by author, but without adf.ly 🙂


  4. okan says:

    admın cok guzelde http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DFw0Ctq7Bog#!
    bu lınktemı map nerde cok guzel map ya onu ıstırorum

  5. TF says:

    Tried saving no limiter from source, but still limited.
    Does it only work on certain trucks?

  6. YAROSLAVEC says:

    Author! Please correct the error when using the retarder ! The game crashes when you use it!

  7. Fredrik says:

    Unrealistic.. have you never seen a truck drive?
    it’s not all about the chassis… it’s more the cabin that moves. but great mod otherwise! 🙂

  8. Emil says:

    The key ??? Help!!!

  9. admin says:

    NO any key or serial HERE!

  10. grinder says:

    its not a scs file its a sii? how do i get it to work?

  11. nicklas says:

    if you cant download it . try another web browser

  12. grinder says:

    dont matter where u download it from its a sii file how do u make it scs file? anyone help?

  13. hafizh says:

    is it just 66,1KB???

  14. bart says:

    How can i change gear further than the 12th gear with H shifter?

  15. Axo says:

    When i use 1.7 no physics added for me, just the defauls from game patch. When i try to use 1.6 or 1.6+1.7, the game crashes, any ideas please?

  16. Robert says:

    how do i open the test ground to do myself a test?

  17. Dean says:

    Will this work with the 1.3.1 patch, if not will there be a new physics mod to go with the 1.3.1 patch please ? Im running on that patch and when i tryed this mod the truck slides when cornering, other than that great mod 🙂

  18. some guy says:

    can someone put up the dropbox link for the one without limiter like stanko did, but the other please

  19. Jr says:

    This mod isnt working… I cannot take the limiter.. no matter if I use with or without limiter I can only reach 90km/h and I’m not using any other mod.

    PLEASE fix it

  20. Hicham says:

    but why the head don’t move i mean it’s like fixed in the cab :p i was expecting this to be at least like german truck sim physics with head effects ! tooo baad !!

  21. Andre says:


    Can you make the mod with just the physics + no limiter?

    I would like to use this mod, but, It has all these options that you can’t disable:

    “-Included a huge plethora of new transmission options all based on real data including 12, 14 and 16-speed Automatic and Manual transmissions”

    by the way, where can I get 8×4 and 8×6 chassis?


  22. MrMehh says:

    I don’t think this version works with 1.3.1. I tried it on 1.3.1 and it didn’t work. Probably only works for 1.3 but will we see a realistic physics mod for 1.3.1 soon?

  23. Todd McCuistion says:

    If are using Firefox and think the links are broken, install IE Tab and try again.

  24. Florent says:

    Bonjour,est-ce que c’est a télécharger,si oui,lequelles,et aussi sa sert a quoi

    Hello, is that it is a download, if so, lequelles and serves as its what has

  25. Seth says:

    Works great, no DL problem. I get stuck in Reverse in game, is there a way to fix that? I have to back up into something if I ever wanna get into D1-D3.

  26. Stefan says:

    Stuck in reverse like yourself, and can’t see any further updates shame as a great mod.

  27. thomas matthw15937593 says:


  28. thomas matthw15937593 says:


  29. SCANIA4L says:

    Is there other versions for like 1.18?

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