Realistic Physics Mod v4.0 | Fixed And Updated


Download Realistic Physics Mod v4.0 | Fixed And Updated. | Made by
Tested Versions:( 1.1.1, 1.1.3,, 1.3.1 )
Author: KacaK

Whats new?
Fixed Bugs [Realistic Physics Mod v4.0 is Fixed and All links are updated!]
-Truck was still going when you brake while going reverse. This problem is fixed now
-Brakes’ power was too high, normal values have been entered
-Brake settings have been set for rainy and sunny weather

DOWNLOAD 8.7 KB 180km/h limiter
DOWNLOAD 8.7 KB 90km/h limiter

12 Responses to Realistic Physics Mod v4.0 | Fixed And Updated

  1. 김성곤 says:

    I’m korean user.
    Brake Fix Thank you very much.

  2. cold says:

    both link 90km/h limiter 😐

  3. cold says:

    or both file don’t work in the tsm map 2.2 😀

  4. Seinic says:

    Works great with TSM 2.2.1 and brake problem fixed! Great Mod!

  5. Dragos says:

    give me plase a ling for map downloading…

  6. Bob Vila says:

    For some reason this doesn’t work well with TruckSim Map v2.2. You have to make the TSM map load AFTER this mod and some features will still work. The brake modification will become broken with the TSM map tho.

  7. AresXX22 says:

    THX!!! Now i can go revers! 🙂

  8. InvisibleMan says:

    I have 1.3.1. version of this great game but when I try to use this mod the game crashes to desktop. Please help! Cheers!

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot ! Works with TSM 2.2 and Realistic Physics 1.7 for a nice experience !

  10. lolmofo says:

    lol tried this mod I have driven raod train in western Australia and this in in no way near real physics

  11. Rob says:


    When I Switch on Physics testing ground mod it says auto load some thing

    i have plz help me

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