Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 | 1.4.1+ 1.4.8


Changelog v7.0 New Update! 1.4.1+
• Updated for 1.4.1+
• You can enable / disable speed limit manually
• Works on Patch 1.4.1+ ( 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5, 1.4.6,
1.4.7, 1.4.8 )

Changelog v7.0
• Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks.
• Cabin’s inside shake has been set more realistic.
• Braking power is back to its original regulation.
• Gearbox settings of v1.4.1 were made.
• There isn’t any new gearbox option. Default game gearbox is used.
• Phsysic settings for asphalt, sand roads etc. are now in their
most suitable occasion.
• Driving is more realistic now in rainy and sunny weather.
• You can use it with which chassis you want. (4×2, 6×2, 6×4 8×4
• The gearbox settings weren’t touched. They are the original ones.
• This mod just changes the suspension settings.

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 | Updated for 1.4.1+

Tested Versions 1.3.0 – 1.3.1 – 1.4.1+ ( Works on the New Patch! )

Author: KacaK

DOWNLOAD 200 KB Without Speed Limiter(180km/h)
DOWNLOAD 6 KB With Speed Limiter(90km/h)
DOWNLOAD 200 KB Updated for New Version(1.4.1+ 1.4.8)

11 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 | 1.4.1+ 1.4.8

  1. Robisierra


  2. does it work with tsm map v3.0

    1. This mod is for ETS2 1.4.8 and newer. TSM v3.0 doesn’t work with that.

      And also, 1.4.8 has the option to enable and disable speedlimiter. So why two separate versions?

      1. Michael Fase

        bart, you have to read aswell, the links with the speedlimiter on and off is for version 1.3.1. and as far as I know the tsm map 3.0 does not have a physics mod included in it so it should work

  3. szetland1971

    Truck Physics v1.1 (by nIGhT-SoN)
    Realistic Weather Sound v1.3.1 (by nIGhT-SoN)

    patch 1.4.1 – 1.4.8

    20-07-2013 EDITED

    1. Thanks – good mods!

  4. do i have to install this mod in the same place we alway’s do…doc./ETS2./mods…??or do i have to install it somewhere else ??

  5. volvo masta

    can i have a copy of that test environment u were using?

  6. Jayson2000

    Where HE IS SITUATED????????!!!!!!!!!where, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. murat duman

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