Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds v 4.0.1

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Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V4.0.1 Compatible With ETS 1.34.x & 1.35.x

Features & News In Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V4.0.1 Version:

* Compatible With TSM, ProMods, RusMap, EAA and Other Maps Too.
* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.34.x 1.35.x
* Realistic Thunder Sounds.
* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
* Realistic Rain Drops/Windshield Effects.
* Improved Rain
* Imrpoved Rain Effects
* Quality Of the Water Upto 4K (E.g: Sea & Rivers etc)
* Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
* Different Types Of Weather
* Different Rain & Fog Intensity

Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V4.0.1 Updates:
* Update For ETS 1.34.x & 1.35.x
* Different Types Of Skyboxes & Weather
* Weather & Rain & Fog Tweaks
* Several types of nights / Sun / Day / Clouds etc
* Compatible With All Maps
* Water Particle/Spray Tweak
* Some More Tweaks In The Weather & Fog & Rain
* Fixed Few Other Things

Important: Do not use with any other Weather mods. Example: Winter Mods, Realistic Lighting Mod, Improved Weather Mod etc.

IMPORTANT: Put This Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds mod In your Mods Folder and activate it In High Priority (Top).

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BEWARE of re-uploads by other people without permission do not support/download from these people links & sites, always check if the uploader is: Kass



5 thoughts on “Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds v 4.0.1

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  2. maddriver666

    Kass, Do U live in a place where there is FOG everywhere you GO? IS NOT THIS A BIT TOO MUCH FOG, EVEN ON A GOOD DAY. UNLESS U LIVE IN A SAUNA LOL! realistic NOT

  3. Gustavisimo

    This is the best weather mod but it’s true that the fog should be less often, maybe for the next update. 🙂

  4. very good mod!!! It make more realistic, thank you!! Can u make this mod for ats??

  5. sillicon

    Thank you so much for the continue support for this mod. This mod is one of the most realistic “realistic rain” mods I’ve come across! Other mods usually don’t create dense raindrops and thick fog like you do.

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