Realistic Rain v 3.1 By Darkcaptain

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-New textures & tweaks for wheel particles when the asphalt is wet (Truck & AI Traffic)
-Minor tweaks for windshield & raindrops textures (textures by Frkn64)
-Improved textures of rain
-Slightly adjusted the sound volume of some files
-Compatibility with NaturaLux (no extra version needed)
-Normal version and “Lite” merged into one

– Compatible with all maps
– Tested with 1.36.x (DX11)

IMPORTANT! : This mod works with other Graphics/Weather Mods: Realistic Graphics Mod, ProjectNG, NaturaLux… but you need place REALISTIC RAIN ON TOP in priority!

Also works with season mods by Grimes (Autumn, Summer etc.) but don’t use with Frosty Winter!

This mod does not use the file “game_data.sii” , but include “int_sound_config” file, so i recommend use “Sound Fixes Pack” for a better experience! (Place Realistic Rain above)

Forum thread for questions & feedback:

SCS, Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cipinho


6 thoughts on “Realistic Rain v 3.1 By Darkcaptain

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  2. HD Video Test 1.36

  3. I felt the original more real. Too much time while water drops stay on windshield

  4. Janos Szime

    Thx Dude it’s nice with Natura Lux but I only got one issue , is like why I only get rain mainly in night times ? does it depend on which settings are at Rain Probability ? Or what do I need to do about it ?

  5. Darkcaptain

    AlexG: Thanks, I will review that for future releases.

    Janos Szime: This Mod does not change the weather or the probability of rain, that is handled randomly by the game.

    1. Janos Szime

      Thank You ! Got It 🙂

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