Realistic Rain with Sounds


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Changelog v1:
– Tested public_beta and works fine.
– Realistic rain mod with thunder and rain sounds.
– Tested day’n’night works perfectly.

Please leave feedback.

How to Install:

Paste _s3rhat_Realistic_Rain_with_Sounds.scs in
C:\Users\Users\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

Enj0y 😉 !


DOWNLOAD 0.7 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 0.7 MB [sharemods]

19 thoughts on “Realistic Rain with Sounds

  1. Can I use your mod in my future mod “More Realistic” with your agreement? Thank you

    1. No problem. Say my name and use it. Contact me. Mail adress inside to rar and read me 🙂

      1. Thank you my friend!

      2. But ets2lt doesn’t upload my mod but I upload my mod in a group Facebook

        1. Send me a link by email please

  2. Scania Truck

    Where did you get that lovely interior? 😀 Please give me a link. Cheers

    1. Probably megastories mod.

      1. Scania Truck

        It’s not the Megastore mod

  3. Звук чувак честно-не очень хороший.Так себе.

    1. Inside or outside sound(im use google translate your reply)? Please can you speak english?

  4. MAN Lion´s City

    I want this in Multiplayer!

    1. Tell them it ! hehe 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Hey people’s im s3rhat. Please feedback send to email for better than version 1 !
    Thoughts for the next version:
    -More realistic rain spray behind the whells
    -Probably more realistic inside sound

  6. it works in brutal enviroment?

    1. i dont know please try and feedback please.

  7. I can’t download it. The download page said “File download limit exceeded. You can only save it to Yandex.Disk”.

    Please fix the link, this mod looks good!

    1. im report this and add new link this. im waiting the moderators but im writing reply mediafire link. Thanks!

  8. very nice

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