Realistic Rainreflections & No Rainstripes for ETS2 1.26x

Realistic Rainreflections & No Rainstripes for ETS2 1.26

Changes from Original Game:

– 3x higher Rain Reflection Strength
– No Rainstripes
– Auto Blink OFF reduced from 27% of Steering Wheel Range to 20% (especially useful if you have a Steering Wheel with 900° Steeringrange)

This Mod can be incompatible with other Rainbehaviour Mods. To make sure to get this Mod working put it in a higher priority in the Mod Manager.


1. Download Zip from link
2. Extract File to the Mod Folder of ETS2
3. Activate it in the Mod Manager and put it in a high Priority
4. Enjoy




7 Responses to Realistic Rainreflections & No Rainstripes for ETS2 1.26x

  1. Marecki says:

    Looks great, thanks!

  2. paulfred says:

    Excellent mod, thank you

  3. 4004 says:

    realistic ≠ like a ###### mirror

  4. antho says:

    ce mod est t il compatible avec le mode hiver de frosty ?

    this mod is compatible with winter frosty mod ?

    • OptionalJoystick says:

      hmm i guess so, but if there are snow fleets in frosty mod it would behave otherwise because this mod has basically the same behaviour of raindrops on windshields like in the original vanilla game, because the game_data.sii is part of the mod and in it’s file there are options like rain drops behaviour, rain reflections behaviour and auto blink off range and so on. i guess you have to try it and see if there is a difference with the raindrops….

  5. RedDragonMK says:

    The mod is good, i like the new reflection on the road, it gives that wet road effect, BUT, it is totally UNrealistic to rain outside without rain stripes… You should (if you could) make the rain stripes look more tiny, not so strong….it is ridiculous to have the raindrops on the windshield, but when you look outside, you only have a wet roads…. work on that, and you will have the best rain mod 😉

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