Realistic Renault Magnum Sound by Slash


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Sound mod for regular/vanilla Renault Magnum truck:
– new engine sounds
– new blinker sounds
– new brake sounds
– new gear sounds

Tested on game version 1.21.

SCS Slash Ludmilla power for tires sounds Leen for fan-sound, critical and intense testing Davidzoli for blinker sound, video material and testing Aradeth for testing

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Dropbox]
DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Mediafire]

11 thoughts on “Realistic Renault Magnum Sound by Slash

  1. Reupload & Not Working

    1. it is working, no re-upload!
      I adapted this mod for the latest game version!

      1. Faelandaea

        I think what confused him was that the main upload is an scs file, and in that scs file you packed the actual 2 scs files. People see the scs and refuse to look inside it thinking, “Oh it’s an SCS so it has to be the mod itself”, instead of realizing that someone may have packed multiple files as an scs instead of a rar or zip.

        All he has to do is like everyone else does – actually look at the mod before blindly tossing it into the mod folder.

        1. yeah, probably correct, my fault :/

  2. love your sounds mate. is this one compatible with knoxx_ass magnum mod? or will I have to change files over?

    thanks for sharing

    1. yes, I made an extra compatibility mod for Knoxx Magnum!
      Just put both .scs files in your mod folder!

  3. Faelandaea

    Works fine. People should start checking their downloads before jumping to comment on these boards.

    Anyway, tested in 1.21 as well and it works just fine … when installed correctly.

    1. It’s not at all too usual to put two file .scs in another .scs file. So, people’s which upload here files, should start to put multiple file in a winrar or zip folder, and not in a .scs file.

  4. This still leaves the question for me how to unpack from an scs file when this is not a zip or rar? I have no idea, please help me out

    1. you need winrar or 7-zip to unpack it, same as every zip.- file….

  5. You had to go and ruin it with that blinker sound

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