Realistic Suspension & Physics System v 2.1


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V2 (Old Version)

The system has been revised -Süspansiyon
- Version was made available to
-New Versions that are tailored to the physics system have been re-edit all settings
-More A soft physics system has been developed

V2.1 (New Version)

-Süspansiyo Dorsel the settings and re-edited as dorsesiz
-Dorsel And physics system was reorganized in cases dorsesiz
-Kup Bending backwards leaning forward and side bending to the maximum settings have been revised
It was more realistic in turn -Viraj
Depending on the version edited -
The interior of coarse tremor was set

Tested :



2 thoughts on “Realistic Suspension & Physics System v 2.1

  1. Do not wanna be a duche,but there is way to little dancing of the cabin on both suspension and cabin suspension.

    1. Actually thats true. The cab needs more movement

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