Realistic Suspension & Physics System v 4.0


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According to Floor conditions (mine roads, snowy roads, rainy road) brake is set

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8 thoughts on “Realistic Suspension & Physics System v 4.0

  1. Ну и где тут физика?Сидишь как на табуретке.Все жестко,нереально.

  2. Description:
    According to -Floor conditions (mine roads, snowy roads, rainy road) brake is set
    I think the best physics as -Şahs mode because I ets2’n physics meant it is now very hard I soften the suspension a little bit now and I’ve played a bit more with cabin yaw value and promote opportunities to do more stretching than before ..
    -Dorsel And dorsesiz the suspension and physical settings were
    -Hearts The maximum drift value is adjusted according to the actual
    D if and cabin yaw values are set (to bend)
    Physics of -Kısa has softened version of 1.14x

  3. as i see from the video the front suspension is a big fail if you call that realism good luck:)))

  4. This is the best of 🙂

  5. Waste of server space, totally unrealistic movement same aj vanilla

  6. Not perfect yet.It should be chair gas spring.The steering wheel is not (has not) moving camera up and down. I’m sorry q:(

  7. roman. sk

    has apologized for my English-googletranslate.This
    is unrealistic physics, it’s too hard and unsprung, while in my opinion the best physics is Realistic Physics Mod v1.9 for ETS2 v1.7 Suspension Demo.Alebo something like where the cab of the truck after a brake application more pohupuje.Ale this physics has unfortunately does not work on version 1.13 and higher ranked games. Probably because of the rather unrealistic physics vratim play version 1.8.old

  8. JohnNecirRebellion

    Can You make physics for Kenworth W900 Long Edition v2.0. I want the mod intact with the cabin and the body itself.

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