Realistic SweetFX settings


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An realistic graphics mod makes ur game more beautifully and nicer 🙂



17 thoughts on “Realistic SweetFX settings

  1. Game wont load

  2. Дмитрий

    Томас это для 64 бит или можно на 32 бит

  3. Promods Map plase

  4. compatible with Promods and Rus map ?

  5. where and what to instal?

  6. SeriousSam

    running on 64 bit too? So far majority of SweetFX was just OK with the 32bits version

  7. SeriousSam

    btw – 426mb just for the fx preset?

  8. This is just reloade r6 weater mod with some preset sweetFX!

  9. Flattothematt

    English Video Someone Please?

  10. ###?? Why Russian language??????????? we don’t speak Russian!!!
    i hate Russian language !!!

    1. Military_Pig

      А я ненавижу твой язык !!!

    2. Дмитрий

      ETS2 а при чём мы русские а я лично ненавижу твой язык и что теперь А …

    3. Chugunovig

      Ох скоро вы его начнете учить, ох скоро…!

  11. Молодец, мод 10 из 10 🙂

  12. This looks great but how to install in english or welsh plz ?.
    He / They did a great 1 for ATS as well…

  13. Piratxxx11

    Why more write wit this ****? 😀 See: Sweet FX by Axelrol+Piwa real Weather.. BEST for ALL MAPS 😉 search……

  14. mistertuningbe

    how to install it?

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