Realistic Tires


Expanded set of the tires with realistic look.

-_ Full set of the wheels including standard “Steel” and all trailer
-_ Different look between front tires and rear tires;
-_ Added similar pairs of the rear wheels to all type of the front;
-_ 6 brands of tire manufacturers;
-_ Added 5 chrome vesrions of the wheels and 1 paintable version;
-_ Added black versions to the “Sirius” and “Absolute Fury” wheels.

Full description in the ReadMe file.

Verified for version 1.4.1 and higher.



16 thoughts on “Realistic Tires


    Nice work !!!

  2. yeah, good job


  3. ah great. looking good!

  4. Argosy2013

    Good stuff mate! keep it up 🙂

  5. awesome tires .. thank you Dragon !

  6. Willkommen in diesem Paket Räder Volva 2013 schnell bitte Kopie dank

  7. Thank u so much, this is the best tires mod ever! Great job mate..

  8. ++1
    one of the very rare good mods on this website. 99,9999% #### here, but this is realy a very good one.

  9. Amazing mod!

    I modified the names of the tyres in the shop menu, and modified some of the tyres textures.

    ¿Do you mind if I upload it? Of course, putting you in the credits as the creator.


    1. Dragon.911

      Don’t get me wrong, but how I can say something until I see what you did?

  10. Don’t work on 1.7.0 on steam, textur crash

    1. So, I have just this mods…?

  11. Please help me, because this ‘s the good mods 🙂

  12. eurotrucker

    Excellent mod, the paint color on the wheels is really really a BIG improvement.

    Many thanks!

  13. Same here, texture issues, same as Fozzy691 and also 1.7.0 Steam version with Going East DLC.

  14. Marrcelo Sanchez

    The best pak wheel is still: Realistic Tires for ETS2 by Dragon.911
    The best I’ve seen!
    And it works perfectly in all versions, Amazing!
    Nobody has been able overcome it.
    I acknowledge that the mod “Realistic Tires for ETS2 by Dragon.911″ is old, but it works perfectly in any version. And the images of the tires, are digitalized from real tires.
    It’s my favorite mod!!!
    Thanks to its creator to do it and share it!
    (sorry for my bad English)

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