Realistic Traffic Mod


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– Compatibile with all DLC
– Compatibile with TSM Maps
– Compatibile with ProMods

Tested: 1.22x, 1.21x

Created by: Samo MODS (2016)

Author: Samo


10 thoughts on “Realistic Traffic Mod

  1. At least write an explanation what is this mod does?What will happen if we will try it?

  2. So what does it do exactly? does it make more or less traffic? makes it smarter?

    1. Well, it can’t make it any “smarter”, and according to the image presented, it adds to traffic density. He could be a “little” more specific though, like to say anything at all about the mod. Of course, a mod for this isn’t really necessary at all since it is an easy tweak, but still…

  3. No video!

  4. Need more description about this mod. What do You mean “realistic traffic”?

  5. mass vehicle x10 ???

  6. Scaniamann

    I know, he tells us some pretty useless information, i am suspecting its an unauthorised re-upload because he probably doesnt know how it works so he has no description… Im not sure though

  7. I just had to write down a comment about this poor mod. You really don’t want to use this, it’s not that different from original ETS2.

    – wrong packed archive
    – 1 obsolete command is used

    The difference in this mod and the original one is that you probably will see more cars on the road if you stay long enough for them to spawn.

    I’m working on traffic mod and believe me this guy don’t really know anything it.

    Why did you even used “realistic” traffic in your post… this is bullshit.

    1. This guy (SAMO) makes the stupidest “”””mods””””.
      He also gathers mods from other authors (such us trailer skins) and puts himself as the author.

  8. This mod repair…FOR EXAMPLE: In ETS2 traffic going 20 vehicle in 1 minute. In real traffic going 50 vehicle in 1 minute. This mod repair ETS2 traffic on the real traffic!

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