Realistic Traffic v 3.1 by Rockeropasiempre for V1.26.XX


Detailed information inside winrar. INFO.txt File

Mod Specifications:

– Behavior of AI traffic totally different.
– Complete information inside the downloaded rar. INFO.txt File
– 2 Versions inside the rar file. One normal, and one that does not include sounds (NOT EXTRAS). Choose one of the 2.
Mod Manager: Always place on top of any AI traffic mod you have.

New in version 3.1:

– Updated AI Traffic Pack jazzycat 4.0
– Updated files for operation in 1.26.XX
– Updated AI Painted truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v2.6
– Updated Painted bdf traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.4
– Removed lights and lighting effects from previous versions. (Now incorporates the game itself)
– Slight increase in traffic in general, (rather buses).

Author: Rockeropasiempre
File Size: 284.2 MB

Please respect the author’s original link.




4 Responses to Realistic Traffic v 3.1 by Rockeropasiempre for V1.26.XX

  1. Mateusz says:

    Hello @Rockeropasiempre

    Please fix errors:
    – Automatic shut-off direction

  2. Rockeropasiempre says:

    I do not understand what you want to tell me, my friend?

  3. hardcoreboy says:

    the mod is nog working part1 load the game but than crached.
    part2(no extra) dont even load the game retunerd to the start screen
    test on v1.26.0.6

  4. DiBaDu says:

    Game crashs after loading the mod

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