Realistic Transmissions For all Trucks [1.31.x – 1.30.x]

Hi everyone,
This mod adds the Realistic Transmissions to make the truck look a bit more “Realistic” ?
Available for both for all trucks
A lot of new details, fixes and improvements.
Please inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.
Enjoy it. ?



3 Responses to Realistic Transmissions For all Trucks [1.31.x – 1.30.x]

  1. JoachimK says:

    FaborSF = jemyRed, ALL his Mods are stolen !!!
    Do not support Thieves !!!

  2. GoldLightMe says:

    This thief Mods Credits Fake original owner Unauthorized thief
    Police? They will be arrested and punished.
    Chrome translator

  3. HalilY says:

    FaborSF and all other fakes is mods_ats, you need proove go to other websites and look at the images of his “reupload”, these are the original ones without cuts!

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