Realistic Vehicle Colours

This mod changes the colours used by AI traffic to be more realistic and varied.
It uses over 350 colours that are currently offered by some of the most popular European car manufacturers. You will see a realistic mix of bright and dull colours.

I’ve used colours from:

– Alfa-Romeo
– Audi
– Fiat
– Mercedes-Benz
– Renault
– Seat
– Skoda
– Volkswagen
– Volvo

It works with Jazzycat’s AI traffic mods and it should be compatible with all other AI traffic mods.

It’s not possible to limit the colours used by particular vehicles. This means that, for example, Volvo cars can use Renault colours and vice versa. It also means you will sometimes get a colour that just doesn’t look right on that particular vehicle. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that, but it should be quite rare.
Test version game: 1.28x



7 thoughts on “Realistic Vehicle Colours

  1. good initiative with a little correction. if you go to def\vehicle\ai folder and in the “car_name.sii” files you copy the corresponded color codes to those cars as following:
    under traffic_vehicle : traffic.car_ name
    you copy/paste the lines in the same format:
    color []:(scs_color_codes)
    then that car will only use its colors 😉

    1. and if I may ask, how did you convert the colors to scs codes? I would like to add for personal use more car manufacturers. thanks!

      1. See Rudi’s comment below.

        Pasting incase it is removed or deleted:

        “i converted with this tool:

        thanks for sharing CountVlad.
        more colours always welcome. ?”

  2. i converted with this tool:

    thanks for sharing CountVlad.
    more colours always welcome. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much!

  3. thanks, I know this tool but how to use it starting from the colors of the website where are individual colors for all cars producers? there are some codes there but not in HEX or RGB coding that could easily be converted in scs format

  4. CountVlad

    Sorry for the (very) late reply. Thanks for the tip about setting specific colours for care models.

    I used ETS2 Studio to convert the colours. There’s a tool that comes with it that allows you to convert a Hex colour to an SCS colour.

    To get the Hex of each colour I used the eye-dropper tool in the Dev Tools on Firefox (shortcut “F12”) and just clicked on the middle of the colour. There’s probably a similar tool in Chrome.

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