Realistic Visual Graphics v1.0

4K and Ultra HD Visual ETS 2
All textures are from Scandinavia DLC. Means;
– Brand new sky (Moon available)
– Realistic flashes of light
– Realistic light reflections
– Realistic light strips
– Realistic road textures
– Realistic times
– More vibrant graphics
– Improve game performance.

Talita Ahüva Barüc Hadeell


10 thoughts on “Realistic Visual Graphics v1.0

  1. Fake

  2. Fake !!
    Türke halt, wer sonst !!

    1. ehrenmann <3

  3. spartacus33

    Not fake Dude… that work clean on my Promods, really work fine just with 21 Mb.

  4. really nice job this works for me and i have promods and rusmap maps and another

  5. Türkenmüll !!

  6. i just tried this even though its for earlier versions of ets2 it works fine on v1.44 with my 3060ti and 12 k cpu heres the line from inside the mod …. # Description file inside the root directory of the mod.
    description_file: “mod_description.txt”

    # compatible_versions[]: “1.19.*” # Mod is compatible with 1.19.X..

    still a good mod though and very small file size working with many mods and promods

    thankyou to the modder

  7. Das bekomme ich auch nur mit sweet fx hin ohne diesen Mod

  8. Fake

  9. Not hating but for a mod dealing with graphics 21mb is a very small size. What magical thing have you put in the mod,sir ? 🤔🤔🤔

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