Realistic Visuals v 2.4.1

Realistic  Visuals-1 Realistic  Visuals-2

Version 2.4.1:
– Added versions to ProMods & TSM-TruckSimMap – Fixed Map issues
– Not Modded Roads to SCS standard Europe Map & TSM TruckSimMap

OBS: It’s very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod:
– Vegetation Detail – HIGH
– Grass Density – HIGH

Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes, Atak_Snajpera, Knox_xss

DOWNLOAD 481 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 481 MB [Sharemods]

5 Responses to Realistic Visuals v 2.4.1

  1. Karina says:

    Cool ! Thanks.

  2. matpol98 says:

    My map still seems to be all messed up, got no other mods that should conflict with this one. Only using the promods map, a couple of trucks and some trailer mods.

  3. Christer says:

    The promod file in the arkiv is not 100% compatible with Promods maps because the world map gets messed up. i.e Gothenburg ends up in the Baltic sea and Stockholm ends up in Finland and Helsinki in Russia and I know it is the Fael Enviroment that is the cause.

  4. Roudou says:

    Am I the only one to think that’s the first pic is more realistic than the second ?

    Heavy work dude, but life is full of colors, it’s not like a movie screen.

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