Realistic Visuals v 2.6

Realistic-Visuals-1 Realistic-Visuals-2 Realistic-Visuals-3

Adapted to 1.22
Changed the trees pattern and colors – kinda ealry Autumn
Some roads were edited

OBS: It’s very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod:

Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes

DOWNLOAD 153 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 153 MB [Sharemods]

6 Responses to Realistic Visuals v 2.6

  1. Karina-Moskva says:


  2. zero922 says:

    Thank You ! Very Nice Work!!

  3. smeagol001 says:

    for my taste the streets ar now to “clean” if you know what i mean
    otherwise good job

  4. Nico says:

    Work for 1.23.x?

  5. Ralph says:

    Please update for ETS2 v1.24xx. Thanks…

  6. kuzav30 says:

    зделайте адапцию мода на 1.24 версию плиззз !!!!!

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