Realistic Visuals v 2.7

Realistic-Visuals-2 Realistic-Visuals-1

Version 2.7:
* Adapted to 1.24
* Changed some trees and its colors (more green) – Removed the yellow birch

OBS: It’s very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod:


Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes

DOWNLOAD 143 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 143 MB [Sharemods]

20 Responses to Realistic Visuals v 2.7

  1. Anders says:

    working on other maps than the scs map? works on 2.03 promap?

    • Chiller-Dirk says:

      I tested on ProMods 2.03 and it works fantastic 😉

  2. Joe the gamer says:

    AWESOME! Compatible with the RusMap??

    • Rafaelbc says:

      It is, although I recomend you to delete the “ROAD” folder inside MATERIALS in my mod.

  3. dann says:

    HEY?? ….you graphic modders, DID YOU EVEN HEARD
    in the ats no one will make a graphic mod
    only piva, who made a stupid mod…. it looks so horrible
    if you dont know what is ATS, i will give you a link to see the game
    #### moders…… in ats no one make nothing good……
    THEY ARE IN COMA I GUESS…… damn!!!
    ETS2 is OLD….. ATS Is the future, BUT NO ONE CAN DO SOMETHING IN ATS!!! ……

    • Rafaelbc says:

      Why don’t you start to create a mod and become a s**t modder too? 🙂
      I’ll create it for ATS when I feel like doing it.

      • dann says:

        Teach me and i will do my best to do the best weather mod ever, can you teach me. ?

      • dann says:

        please dude make this amazing weather mod for the ats to ….PLEASE!!! ……a lot of people need it, sorry for saying bad words, i dint mean to offense, but there none make mods that it necesarily for the ATS!!! …..only trucks and skins….. PLEASE DUDE!!

        • Rafaelbc says:

          I’m planning to create one for ATS as soon as possible my friend, but it takes time so be patient. I noticed the lack of Environment Mods for ATS, so I think it would be a good idea indeed to create one.

  4. Bradley1985 says:

    ATS is the future? Sorry, but I don’t think so…. ATS is the same thing as ETS2 , but with American trucks and American map….

  5. KruGan says:

    really good it but i want old road textures from promods so i can delete the road file in the mods but it has access denied !!!! any idea??

    • Rafaelbc says:

      Delete the files before launching the game. You cannot edit or delete files of the mod if the game is running, that’s why you are getting the Access Denied message.

      • KruGan says:

        well thanx …i like your mods in later versions hope to see few more types of grass and sky boxes…well and the mod is not compatible with piva weather mods ..thats sad!

  6. Rafaelbc says:

    For those who prefer the version with no roads edited, here’s the link:

  7. DanCore says:

    Hallo Ihre Mod gefällt mir sehr gut, klasse Arbeit =)

    Würden sie die Mod bitte Kompatibel machen für die ProMods 2,03

    das würde mich sehr freuen =)

    • Rafaelbc says:

      Thanks. You can download the version with no roads edited. That one is compatible with ProMods and can be found on SCS Forums.

      • DanCore says:

        Hello , many thanks for the quick reply I have the problem that , the game after a few KM abstürtz with the promos 2:03

        00:04:27.441 : Unable to adapt material 1 for model ‘/model/vegetation/poly_vegetation/sc_lime_tree_1_sprite.pmd’
        00:04:27.555 : Leaved and detail vegetation instances may use only ‘eut2.leaves’ effect however ‘eut2.shadowonly’ was found!
        00:04:27.555 : Unable to adapt material 1 for model ‘/model/vegetation/poly_vegetation/sc_lime_tree_1_high.pmd

        • Rafaelbc says:

          That’s a known error, mate. That’s due to the big tree models. It won’t cause any problem in your game, don’t worry.

  8. friday says:

    This mod causes a map displacement (1.24 + PM + RusMap + Balkan map).

  9. habidow79 says:

    Best Graphic Mod for ever…

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