Realistic Water Temp Gauge


This mod change, water high temperature’s gauge location. Working only Scania R and Scania Streamline.

Thanks for Kriechbaum.

This is v1. If you think this isn’t correct please comment with any picture or video.

This mod can be shared other forums with ORIGINAL LINK and specify author’s nick!



6 thoughts on “Realistic Water Temp Gauge

  1. Folder: def/vehicle/truck/…/interior
    File: animations.sui
    And you changed max water temp line 110 to 160, is that true?

  2. Why are you asking?

    1. who is author?
      are u?
      & are u Turkish?
      text is Turkish in the picture..

      1. What if he is a Turk!?? Where is the problem? I am from Bulgaria. This may be another problem? And?

        1. because I’m from Turkey, #######..
          i am only asking..

  3. @dr_jaymz

    is this work for all trucks in game or just the truck mods¡?

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