Really Real Company Names

This reskin and reconfiguration mod has the goal to bring as much real companies with biggest freight transportation presence in Europe.

Reassign alldefault companies to some real ones that are leaders in that particular sector in freight expeditions.

Euroacres -> Unilever
Eurogoodie -> METRO
FCP -> Leibherr
Kaarfor -> Carrefour
NBFC -> Shell
Posped -> GLS
Quarry -> Stein Brunch
Sanbuilders -> ORCO
Sellplan -> Auchan
Skoda -> Skoda
Stokes -> DACHSER
Tradeaux -> FedEx
Trameri -> Holcim
Transinet ->TNT
Tree_et -> Tree-Et
WGCC -> ExxonMobil

There are complete detailed handcrafted skin for each company (truck, bilboard, small logo) and the bigest one has also skin for warehouse (METRO, DHL, GLS, DACHSER, FedEx and TNT)



5 thoughts on “Really Real Company Names

  1. Yes! Fake uploader! But this site encourage stolen mods!

  2. Arthur Vince

    Yes, but no moderator taking care about it, only when you proof it’s fake with a screenshot or link to the original mod with a report message .. So ALWAYS REPORT it.

    I think that’s the only thing to take care about pirates and thieves who uploading other mods for profit reasons..

    1. I agree with you! Unfortunately, I do not have time to track all the mods and find the originals on the site! I still have them all on my hard drives since the first mod in 2013! In addition, many kids make videos on the stolen mods without looking for the origin, and even worse without reading any comment! Sheep, or robots, to choose from! ? I already devote a lot of time to the creative community to play the cop, all because a site does not do its job! I even think that the thief could be directly the administration of the site, since the account has a lambda name without personality! And as you can see, all our reports are regularly deleted! This place has now become a thieves’ haunt, a daycare for children, and a space for YouT …. looking to make views of robbery! And to say that this site was really respectable at its beginnings! This is why several modders and mappers, including me, do not post here even our mods! ?

  3. Does not works on Italia, France, and Scandinavia…

    1. Because it’s fake

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