Rear bumper Scania Next Gen V1

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Tested 1.30 béta
Compatible S and R
3 variants “Chrome, Plastic and paint”

Respect link and author please, Thank you.


DOWNLOAD 3 MB bumper
DOWNLOAD 144 KB template

13 thoughts on “Rear bumper Scania Next Gen V1

  1. Does it support actual skin from template.?

  2. matdom1988

    in your opinion if there is a template to download, it is that takes into account.

  3. Just showing the truck skin on the bumper,thanks for quick reply.

  4. Waltencyr

    Where’s the back plate of the truck?

  5. matdom1988

    file licence_plate ans

  6. Waltencyr

    I can change then; huh. already did that.

  7. Thanks poulet 😉

  8. Waltencyr

    thank you!!!

  9. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  10. What good does it to put the mapping of the bumper in the middle of the main skin texture? This makes it practically unusable with custom skins. Otherwise it would be a nice mod

  11. Skin+is+not+working+on+this+bumper.I+also+got+the++Rear+bumper+Scania+2016+New+blinker+flashing+beta+from+u.+And+on+this+bumper+is+the+skin+working,+what+i+put+on+the+Rear+bumper+Scania+Next+Gen+V1.


  12. umdiegoqualquer

    File Not Found on download links.

  13. File not found on download link how can i have it??

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