Rear Camera for all Trucks

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Ets 2 version 1.35 / 1.36 this is a rear view camera for all types of trucks.
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9 thoughts on “Rear Camera for all Trucks

  1. is it also working in MP ?

    1. test

      1. How to activate the rear view, I do not see what key to assign it in ets2?

        1. Key “5”

  2. nice mod but its not for all trucks :p
    whit the scania 8×4 chassie you have a extra box in the back so its blocks the cam

  3. Was it possible to change the key to another key rather than the 5 key?

    1. Manuel Arnelas Benito

      You can. In keyboard configuration change the camera who has this key to the key you want

  4. PLease+update!

  5. Is there an upgrade for V 1.38 coming???

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