Rebuilding of Poland


This mod will rebuild:
– A1 near Łódź
– A4 from Kraków to “ring of road 4”
– A6 near Szczecin
– S7 near Olsztyn and Warszawa
– S8 as “Ring of Wrocław” and southern bypass of Warszawa
– S8 near Białystok
– Rebuilt of port in Gdynia – now it’s bigger
– Added road from Gdańsk to Gdynia.

Mod for version:
Required both DLC’s! It should works with other maps. But not for sure!!!

Next update soon!
PS. It’s my first mod.



21 thoughts on “Rebuilding of Poland

  1. Soon:
    -S7 from Gdańsk to Olsztyn
    -S8 from Wrocław to Łódź
    -A1 as “ring of Katowice”
    -S3 from Szczecin to Poznań
    -S12 as bypass of Lublin
    -S14 near łódź 🙂

  2. ModsPL!!!
    Смените название мода: Rebuilding of Poland на другое, дабы не вводить пользователей в заблуждение.
    Название: Rebuilding of Poland, принадлежит: RadolSzczecin и команде ProMods .
    Сразу указывайте совместимость с картами. Иначе Ваш, мод и гроша ломанного не будет стоить.

  3. ModsPL !!!
    Change the name of fashion: Rebuilding of Poland on the other, so as not to mislead users.
    Title: Rebuilding of Poland, owned by: RadolSzczecin and team ProMods.
    Just indicate the compatibility with the cards. Otherwise, your, fashion and ruptured a penny is not worth it.

  4. Okay. No problem. But how to change name? You know?

    1. działa razem z promods i rus map czy nie ?
      a jeżeli działa to po czym ma się wczytywać?

      It works together with promods and rus map or not?
      and if it works then it is to load ?

      1. Mi działa z Rusmapem, nie powinno być kłopotów:)
        Works with Rusmap.

  5. Excellent work!!!!
    I will try this mod. This should put more realism to this part of the game
    cheers from Argentina

  6. Compatible with Promods?

    1. НЕТ! Не совместим.
      NO! Incompatible.

  7. Sorry. I don’t know. I don’t have Promods…

  8. If someone will have bugs or problems. Just write and I’ll fix it 🙂

  9. Sebastian

    ModsPL and Losevo58,

    Hi don’t have to change anything. 1. Radol name of map is PolandRebuilding, hier the is a bit diffrent, 2. PolandRebuilding is now just a part of Promod map, 3. Nothing belong to anybody. You can use the name whatever you want to use. Losevo58, don’t know anything about, noob just seat at home and wrote some sick commentar hier. First learn, than write !

  10. Works in 1.21?

  11. I have only 1.22. I don’t know if it’ll work on 1.22…

    1. *I don’t know if it’ll work on 1.21

  12. Working with MHAPro.

  13. Working with TSM 6.2.2 🙂

  14. Gra sie wysypuje przy wlaczeniu save z wlaczonym modem 🙁

  15. Add Tychy pls :p

  16. Did someone know how to use map overlays? Please it’ll be very useful in next part of mod 🙂

    1. Sorry, *how to create a new map overlay…

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