Red beacon

Author: Geistertruck


9 Responses to Red beacon

  1. Patrick says:

    How do I install it ?

  2. admin says:

    Maybe put in mods folder

    • Laki says:

      Can you tell me is there more than 116 driver units in ets 2 or there is more than 116
      and if there is some more can you tell me how to find tham

      Thanks !!!

  3. Flemmen says:

    Can you make it orange? 🙂

  4. Flemmen says:

    ooh… That’s not red and not “long” ..

  5. Martin says:

    Ehhm maby little bit to long o.O

    But well i like it.

    Could your next project be to make flashing lights on top.?
    Like police cars use? just orange

    • Paulius says:

      He’s not making anything.. 😀 He just post mods here, found on other modding sites…

  6. goransmy says:

    This sucks!!!! Not red !!!! Fail!!!

  7. Paulus says:

    I need police light bar for this one. Can you make it? Hope the light is red and blue as well as the light bar is red and blue. If you wish all become blue not red that would be nice too. I will appreciate it.

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