Red Expert Mod v 2.6


– Corrected some faulty textures after update 1.9
– New light flares
– Improved the heavy rain settings and side mirrors visibility

Author: AlterEgos


13 thoughts on “Red Expert Mod v 2.6

  1. Thanks. Cool mod.

  2. Video?

  3. It works on and Promods.

  4. Hugh Rowland

    Thanks, AlterEgos. One of my favourite mods.

  5. Tried it out
    and ####

    this looks good

  6. 1.9.22 and promod 1.6 OK . Thank


    works on

  8. Works Tsm ??

  9. Dos anyone see the arrow navigation immense size when you look at the mal of the world??

    1. me. (To my PC)

      This mod changed the map view default :-z.

      Now the camera is too close or too far away.

      Happens on v1.8.2.5s and keep on

      Please AlterEgos, keep the default.

      anybody else?

  10. why is it that i can find v2.7 in other sites and here still is 2.6?

  11. А что за песенка в меню?
    Кто исполнитель?

  12. Hello how can I run this mod in version 1.15.1 of ETS2 please?

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