Red Shark Combo Skin Scania RJL

Scania R Streamline v2.2.3 RJL
truck or ownership trailer skin

test ver v1.32.x



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9 thoughts on “Red Shark Combo Skin Scania RJL

  1. CristianB

    :O God bless you

  2. not original skin

  3. Nice skin, could you make it to Scania S?

  4. VALCARENGHI have blue shark not red

  5. Genaro Johansen

    Is there any possibility that it could have been made to Scania nextgen also because it is a beautiful tough skins.

  6. does it require a custom truck, tried with every default scania and the sking is not available for any of them, thank you

    1. Ets2ScaniaTrucker

      nondmtq the name of the scania that you need is in the mod discription

      1. Onkel Hugo

        Looks really great!! Could You please also make a “Blue Shark Combo”?

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